PureVPN Review

PureVPN has been in the news lately due to a privacy scandal. The company revealed information on its users to law enforcement officials, allowing them to identify them. The disclosure included user info such as timestamps of internet connections and originating IP address. This info could be used by law enforcement to acquire a suspected cyberstalker. This went against the company’s mentioned no log policy. Nevertheless , the coverage did not truly violate the https://www.perfectsoftware.pro/purevpn-reviews/ business own privacy claims. A few sessions had been logged, plus the information was made designed for the experts.

For assistance with the software, PureVPN offers a support website with videos and guides for customers. These tutorials cover topics like tips on how to connect to a Chinese Netflix account, setting up a router, or troubleshooting issues. In addition to their support internet pages, the company has a customer assistance chat feature. The discussion option needs that users log in for their account and authorize the installation method. Once the software is installed, PureVPN automatically configures several things. As opposed, other websites will require you to configure settings manually.

One of the biggest disadvantages of PureVPN is its deficiency of speed. Even though the service really does provide reliable speeds, it has the prone to timeouts and hard to rely on connections. If you’re utilizing a slow net connection, it’s easy to semester victim to slow rates of speed, but you might glad you have this option. Furthermore, PureVPN enables you to select computers in over 140 countries. Currently, the company has 650+ servers in North America, 10+ in Central America, 80+ in South and Central American, and 300+ in Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

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